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    Bring us a picture and we will create the design!

    Your Custom Couture Bridal gown will fit you like no other dress ever could.

    Shop for your wedding gown like a true A-lister, even on a modest budget.

    How? Enlist our Designer, Sunny Nelson, to design your custom couture wedding dress.
  • "As individuals we owe it to ourselves to remember no two people have the same fingerprint or make the same impression in this world."
    custom wedding dress At Sunny Nelson Custom Designs we embrace the idea of Every Bride being "one of a kind".

    After all, this is the biggest day of your life!

    No two people have the same fingerprint, so each individual's style should reflect their unique look.

    When your Gown is designed specifically for you, it will fit right the first time.

    The knowledge of who you are is an important part of your design.

    The ideas you share with us are carefully taken note of as we start our conversation and illustrations concerning you and your own style.

    The greatest compliment to you is the look on peoples faces the first time you enter the room!

    Call Today for an appointment and let us design your gown with a unique look that is you!
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